At Evergreen Waste, LLC, we specialize in waste management and disposal options, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We meet or exceed all local, state and federal standards and regulations. Our collection and disposal services meet or exceed all OSHA, DOT and EPA rules. We provide cradle to grave liability management.

Medical Waste Removal Services:

We provide pickup, transportation and disposal for regulated medical waste (RMW) for a variety of clients in the medical industry. Our trained and professional drivers are experienced in the packaging, manifest, labeling and transportation procedures for handling these waste streams. We provide clients with service, supplies, and waste reduction/management guidance to meet all of their RMW needs.

  • Regulated medical waste disposal
    • Spent Pharmaceutical disposal
    • Recycling/disposal of Photographic chemicals
    • Disposal of Dental Amalgam and lead foils
  • Medical waste transportation
  • Product sales
  • Volume reduction
  • Environmental compliance
Medical Waste Box

Food Services

We understand the food service business (restaurants, delis and cafeterias). Your up time is important. If your kitchen or operations go off-line, you loose money that is hard to replace. We take special care in responding quickly to our food service customers.

We know that our crews may be working at your site during business hours when your customers are present. We also understand that appearance is important to you. To provide a highly professional impression, we require our drivers to dress and conduct themselves professionally at all times.

For food service establishments, we provide the following services:

  • Grease trap waste disposal – Inside & Out

Industrial Services

We provide a variety of services related to removal, transportation and disposal of oil and petroleum contaminated waste and maintenance of the related collection systems. Our trained and experienced staff will perform the required tasks in a professional and proficient manner ensuring quality project performance achieved in accordance with your desired schedule and budget.

Our staff are trained for confined space entry and experienced in the cleaning and maintenance of oil/water separators (OWS) and cleaning, closure and removal of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and Above-ground Storage Tanks (AST). Our insurance and liability coverage will meet or exceed most insurance requirements.

Our company can provide the following services for oil and petroleum contaminated waste management and systems maintenance.

  • Oil/Water Separator servicing, cleaning, maintenance
  • UST/AST cleaning, closure and removal
  • Tank water bottoms removal
  • Car wash pit cleaning and servicing
  • Pumping, removal and disposal of contact waters
  • Wastewater and oily water disposal
  • Drum removal
  • Sump sludge and solids removal
  • Contaminated fuel disposal
  • Used Oil disposal and

Additional industrial services that Evergreen can provide include:

  • Drum Sampling and Waste Management Services
  • Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Lab Packs/Chemical Moves/Lab Relocations
  • Universal Waste/E-Waste Recycling
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Industrial Cleaning

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    Evergreen Waste specializes in oil disposal and recycling for clients in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.